Some words about us

WATOTO AFRIKA was established in 2013 by people from different parts of Africa who live in Greece, together with Greek people who love the African culture. In Swahili, WATOTO AFRIKA means Children of Afrika. It’s a Cultural, Educational and non Profitable Society whose main aim is to promote the diverse African culture through song, dance, cuisine, arts and craft, by organising festivals in different parts of Greece.

The first festival was held in Petralona, at Filopapou Square on 13/07/2013 and the next one took place in the Botanical Garden, Petroupoli on 21/09/2013. WATOTO AFRIKA organised successfully two more festivals in Thiseio at the SEA (Syllogos Hellenic Archaeologists) on 14/02/2014 and 19/04/2015. We also took part in the festival organised by the Town Council of Halandri on the 17&18/07/2015. We have also participated in other festivals and have received very good reviews so far.


Zouhri Abderrahim, the president of WATOTO AFRIKA, is a native of Morocco. He has lived in Greece since 1986. A graduate from Paris in Management and Finance, he has a BA in Sociology and now works i... Read More

Zandile Ngubane is a founding member of WATOTO AFRIKA (in fact, it was her friends, Dauda Conteh, Katerina Karatzi and herself that came up with the idea to set up this organisation). She was once a m... Read More